For Coaches

Risk Management

Like the Local Centre Coordinator, the responsibility of the coach to be aware of and manage risk is very important. As a local centre leader the coach should conduct the venue inspection checklist (VIC) prior to every session delivery. The VIC, provided to all local centres as a resource to support safety, will often assist in injury prevention and increased safety. In company to the VIC, coaches should also consider the following:



- Educate participants on the importance of looking up when running to avoid collisions.

- If a collision occurs stop the game immediately to eliminate further risk.


- Always utilise the whole space.

Encourage distance to reduce collisions, interference and interruption. 

Passing games

- Educate participants on the importance of being ready to catch a pass.

- Encourage peripheral vision and attentiveness.

Other facility users

- Identify and educate participants on their surroundings and other programs being delivered at the same time as your Vicinity Centres Aussie Hoops session.

- Promote safety and educate participants on best practice ball retrieval and interruption to other facility users.

Leaving the session                                        

- Define the rules for participants who wish to temporarily leave the session (i.e. toilet usage).

- Encourage parental guidance or the buddy system.

- The participant is the coaches’ responsibility during session delivery, on and off the court.